Video: Research

The Beach Captain (Ackerman, 2013)

Sound separate from image during an interview, with a range of shot types makes the film interesting to the eye.

Shaun of the Dead (Wright, 2004)

Relationship between characters is produced by how they are positioned in the frame.

Battleship Potemkin – Eisenstein (1925) 

Mini stories embedded amongst the bigger picture, focusing on different characters so the audience can relate to the film more. For example, Eisenstein focused on one boy who was shot and his mother within the wide shots of the soldiers attacking the whole crowd.

Bullitt – Yates (1968)

Cuts when the action is still on screen so that it flows and is fast moving. For example, Yates cuts to the next shot of the car chase before both cars have left the frame to create fast paced tension. In our project we could use this technique on shots of The O2 from the Emirates Airline, flowing from one shot to another.

I listed some films that inspired me because they are based on a certain location similar to our choice of the O2 Arena.

The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon (2016) Paul Dugdale

The trailer includes shots of the venue against voiceover from the band – our group could voiceover why we like going to concerts at the O2 against a range of shots of the venue and inside.

Woodstock (1970) Michael Wadleigh

Use of split screen to show performance simultaneously with the audience’s reaction. Additionally, capturing the iconic “Hippie” era of the 60s.



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