Video: Production

Just prior to leaving for the Easter break, Ellen and I travelled to The O2 for our shoot. We began with shooting The O2 from the Peninsula Square where it is based, giving us a variety of long, medium and close up shots. When we got there it was quite dull, despite the sky being blue. However, this will be adjustable in post-production editing. This part of filming represents the ‘day out’ aspect of The O2, as it was daylight. There were a number of people walking around which gave us the opportunity to do a time-lapse shot, showing the popularity of the place. Moreover, we went inside the building to show the variety of things to do and how big it is; as it is not just an arena. This might have been difficult because we thought that we might not be allowed to film inside. However, no one told us not to which was good as this meant we could get a variety of different shots.

Then we headed to the Emirates Airline, only a minutes walk from The O2 itself. Here we proceeded to shoot The O2 from an extremely wide angle, showing how big it is and the interesting architecture it embraces. Additionally, The O2 is surrounded by the large body of water that is the Thames river, and also a variety of textures created by the skyscrapers and buildings around it. We were lucky as the day had brightened up, meaning we could capture sunlight reflecting off the water to create a good aesthetic effect. Furthermore, we were able to see the DLR train from the cable car, which adds to the journey narrative we are trying to portray. Limitations with aspect of filming included the fact the cable car was not a smooth ride, which meant that the footage was shaky.

After getting off the cable car we could still see The O2 from the ground, so we decided to get some long shots there too. This also represented the journey narrative by showing the cars and buses passing by. On our way back, we decided not to film inside the DLR train (this was on the storyboard) as there are monitors and it we may not have been allowed to.

When we got back to the UEL Docklands campus we shot The O2 from a really extreme long shot on the riverside and the bridge linking both sides of the river. This was tricky as we had to zoom in a lot to see The O2 from where we were stood, meaning it was extra shaky.

Later in the day, I went back to The O2 so that I could shoot it in darker lighting and when the bright lights were more visible. This created the effect that a day had passed and the evening mood meant the show at The O2 was starting. There were more people to film in the time-lapse shot this time, as they were there for the show. The bright lights gave the effect of the show and the build up to it. I also went inside again to film, showing how the lights look in the darker light. Additionally, I filmed the Jubilee train coming in on my way to North Greenwich, and the text “The Emirates Airline and The O2” that appears inside the train; this added to the narrative of the journey.

To add to the visuals of The O2, after our workshop on using microphones, Ellen and I recorded our voiceover parts. We did this in my room on campus as it is quiet when there are no trains or planes going passed. Alongside this, Ellen recorded her boyfriend and brother talking about their experiences at The O2 over the Easter break. I attempted to record more voices too, however, I don’t have a microphone to record with at home and we are not allowed to take the university’s ones away over the holidays. Therefore, I tried to record my boyfriend over FaceTime with the stick mic instead.

The final footage we used was from a concert I attended a few years ago, as I was close to the stage and used a Canon camera to record them, this was good to add in our film about The O2.


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