Video: Post-Production

Over the Easter break, I took the role of editor to tackle all the clips we had by putting them together on Final Cut Pro X. This is how Ellen and I split the workload, as we had to edit over the Easter break when we were at home, and I have FCPX on my personal laptop.

In the editing process, I underlaid uncopywrited theme music and our voiceover with the daytime clips of The O2 to show the journey and how one can make a day out of it. To enhance the voiceover, I added the ‘Enhance Voiceover’ effect to the audio, and also made it slightly louder. After also reducing the volume of the theme music, this meant that the audience can hear the voiceover clearly. The voiceover of my boyfriend over FaceTime that I recorded did not match the quality of the other clips, and it could not be edited with the enhancing or de-esser effects either; so I decided not to use it. I decided not to have a continuous voiceover to break them up, giving the audience more chance to focus on the visuals. Moreover, with the voiceover taken from the concert videos, I added the ‘Large Room’ effect to make an echoing sound as it did in the large arena at the time. This also creates an atmosphere of excitement with the crowd’s cheers in the background.

Regarding the video footage, I enhanced the lighting and colours in the daytime and the nighttime clips with ‘Hard Light’ and ‘Teal and Orange’ effects. As the shots have a slight dull tone to them, the ‘Teal and Orange’ enhances the blue tones in the sky and the orange tones in the sunlight; creating a warm, sunny atmosphere. The ‘Hard Light’ effect, intensified the shadows, which increased the quality and the texture of the images. Regarding the concert footage, I initially added the ‘Hard Light’ and ‘Teal and Orange’ effects, then I added the ‘Luma Keyer’. I did this because the first two effects alone were good but they made the image more orange than I wanted. The ‘Luma Keyer’ effect dulled this down and made the band members stand out more. Furthermore, this effect has the option to ‘mix’ two videos together. I did this to show that I was at The O2 for both bands by overlaying a shot of one member of ‘All Time Low’ over the top of a wider shot of ‘You Me At Six’. This worked as you could still see everyone in the shot.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 16.59.08.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 17.01.04.png

Regarding the look of the clips I edited them by zooming in using ‘Ken Burns’, slowing them down by 50%+, increasing the speed by 2/4 and reversing the clips. This gave a variety of shots for the audience to enjoy, and to accompany the music in the right way. I used the slow-motion effect especially on the Emirates Airline clips, as this reduced the shakiness of the footage.

I changed the theme music to that of a different genre half way through the film to match the music in the concert. I did this by adding the footage of the train passing to represent the journey to the venue, and then a black frame to express the passing of time.

This is a snapshot of what my window on Final Cut Pro X looked like at the end of editing.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 16.30.13.png


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