Video: Evaluation

After the procedures of producing and editing our film, I believe that ‘The O2: An Experience’ was a success. We took chances in the shoot, and corrected any mishaps in post-production; showing we work well as a team. I think that we kept to the brief successfully, by producing a short film that expressed reasons why The O2 is our ‘favourite place’ in the form of the narrative as a journey.

In the beginning, we struggled with the brief of ‘place’ as both of us have only just started living in London. So a place that is special to both of us was difficult to think about as we normally live in different places far from London. After talking with my other peers for advise, we came up with the idea of ‘The O2: An Experience’. This is because we both have a passion for music of similar genres, and have been to The O2 numerous times. We were also influenced by other films such as Woodstock (1970, Wadleigh) and The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon (2016, Dugdale). This is due to the theme of those films being the performance of the artist and the reactions from the audience. We re-created this in our own way by using footage of band performances and voiceover from fans.

The process of shooting the film went well as we managed to complete it in one day with good weather throughout. Even when the lighting was dull as the sun went behind the clouds, I was able to enhance it in post-production. Additionally, the fact that The O2 is only twenty minutes on the train from the UEL campus made it very accessible for us. Yet on the other hand, it would have been better to do more filming together to create more shots to use in editing. I found it difficult to make use of every shot without making the video look repetitive. This would be improved if we filmed the interviewees as they spoke about their experiences at The O2 as well as using their voiceover, because this would break up the footage of the scenery to improve the audience’s engagement. It would also be an improvement if we had more interviews from different people, as towards the end of editing I ran out of voiceover to include. Moreover, on the shoot we should have taken a tripod when filming at The O2 because some of the shots are shaky and this was hard to completely remove, especially when I increased the speed of the shots.

Regarding editing, due to the fact we had to separate the workload as two independent bulks between us, I had to do all of the editing while Ellen created the presentation. This would have decreased the stress and been a huge benefit to have a second opinion and ideas from my partner on editing our film. On the other hand, I enjoyed editing the clips in my own style with no limitations.

In conclusion, Ellen and I’s film based on The O2 as a special place was a success due to our range of shots in different angles and lightings. Not forgetting the shots from an actual concert to increase the audience’s knowledge of the experience. Additionally with good quality voiceover to accompany the visual. Despite some limitations, we were able to overcome a lot of them.




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