Video: Storyboard


  1. Establishing shot of The O2 arena from the Emirates Airline.
  2. Medium shot – The O2 from path on the other side of the river.
  3. Panning shot of The O2 from the DLR between Canning Town and East India.
  4. Long shot of The O2 and skyline from the bridge next to UEL campus.
  5. Close up of the large screens at The O2.
  6. Medium shot of people walking up to the entrance of The O2.
  7. Panning shot showing the inside of The O2.
  8. Medium/long shot footage from concerts at The O2.

All clips will have voiceover from different people saying why they consider The O2 one of their favourite places, and what memories they have there.

This is an initial storyboard from memory of The O2 and the number and types of shots may change or increase as we experiment when we arrive at the location. These are, initially, the most important shots we need as the backbone to the film.


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