Video: Session 2/Microphone Induction

Prior to this session, I listed some films that inspired me because they are based on a certain location similar to our choice of the O2 Arena.

The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon (2016) Paul Dugdale
The trailer includes shots of the venue against voiceover from the band – our group could voiceover why we like going to concerts at the O2 against a range of shots of the venue and inside.

Woodstock (1970) Michael Wadleigh
Use of split screen to show performance simultaneously with the audience’s reaction. Additionally, capturing the iconic “Hippie” era of the 60s.

Microphone Induction

D230 Mic:

  • non-directional
  • dynamic mic (converts sound waves directly into electronic energy)
  • less sensitive
  • stick/reporters mic
  • no battery

Lapel Mic-XLR (or Jack):

  • non-directional
  • less sensitive
  • used in controlled setting
  • fix on subject’s clothes pointing down so that they do not breathe directly into the mic if it is not a directional one
  • battery

NTG2 Kit:

  • directional
  • very sensitive
  • rifle/shotgun mic
  • bass roll off (reduces very low bass noise)
  • wind stopper traps a layer of still air so that moving air is less likely to be detected; the bushier the wind stopper is, the more air will be trapped and so it will work better.
  • “column of sensitivity” (the mic will pick up more sound from the end than the sides)
  • Pole: set locks tight enough so they do not collapse on themselves but loose enough so one can adjust it without having to twist them each time; but make sure the 1st lock is tight where the mic is attached.

Things to remember

  • Always use headphones
  • 1 person controlling camera/image, 1 person controlling sound
  • The further the mic is away from the subject, the more room reverberation will be picked up – a hand span away is best

To set up with camera

Manual – Record Set Up – MIC Level – increase/decrease until 3/4 white bars show when sound is produced.


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