Mobile Media: Evaluation

My partner and I created an app with the theme of time called Procrastination Killer. We believe that the look and feel of our app is appropriate for the mood we are aiming to achieve from the audience. There are positives, and also aspects we would definitely improve if we had more time on the project with more advanced knowledge of creating apps.

To begin, we brainstormed our ideas around the theme of time. We didn’t want to go down the route of a history app, so we agreed on a clock based one. From this we decided that the app did not need to be complicated with loads of text on screen. Therefore, we then drew up paper wireframes to illustrate this. This was not as easy as it would have been if we were avid artists, the same with the logo design. However, because we wanted a simple look, the paper wireframes and logo design are satisfactory.

From paper to digital, we formed the digital wireframe and prototype for our app. This meant we could communicate the exact colours, shapes and fonts we were aiming for in our app. The colours being various shades of tree green, the shapes having rounded edges to connote a calm mood and the fonts being sans serif.

The final design on appfurnace enabled us to create buttons and a countdown timer in the app, which gives it its primary function. By incorporating the name of the function in the functionality tool, we were able to apply the code for the timer on the page we wanted. The countdown timer is large, bold and easy to read from a distance, meaning the subject can use it efficiently as they study/work.

We did have a problem due to a lack in our coding experience which meant that the screen did not automatically change to the next one when the timer runs out. This is something we would do if we had more time and help with coding.

The main advantage of our app is that it solves a problem in people’s, mainly student’s, lives; procrastination. A habit that is so easy to conform to in this technological age. With the help of Procrastination Killer, audiences can block these distractions on their gadgets. Additionally, for older audiences, our app could be helpful with achieving day-to-day life tasks; such as doing the dishes.

Our team was inspired by various apps relating to time, such as Forest: Stay Focussed, Detox Procrastination Blocker and Productivity Challenge Timer. All found on the Google PlayStore.

If we were to do this project again, with more time and knowledge, there are a couple of things we would improve. Firstly, we would include better animations within the pages using more advanced coding. For example, moving images and interesting animations for when the icons appear on screen. Secondly, the app currently does not have a page for every time slot we have to offer (up to 3 hours). To do this we would need a more advanced understanding of app coding, to essentially save time. We also would need to create the rewards page in a way that it was seperate from the rest of the app sequence, so that they appear at the right time for the specific time slot the user has unlocked.


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