Mobile Media: Research

The initial and key research our team carried out was on the PlayStore. We searched apps relating to “time” in the search bar, and were inspired by what we found.

The first one is called Forest: Stay focused, which is in the category of productivity in the PlayStore.screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-17-25-45

This is where our inspiration for the style came from, green colours with a simple sans serif font and not too much on the screen. This layout of the app connotes a clear mind, growth and productivity; which is the aim for our app.

Furthermore, the concept of reducing procrastination was also inspired by Forest: Stay focused; with additional help from Detox Procrastination Blocker.


From this app, we took inspiration for our name, ProcrastinationKiller. Moreover, the concept of a countdown clock.

While on the subject of countdown clocks, through our research we discovered the code to insert to create the timer we wanted. All we had to do was change the duration to the times we wanted. We copied and pasted the code from “kieron”‘s comment in March 2016 on this official appfurnace forum: 

The app we got the idea for the rewards was Productivity Challenge Timer.


This app explicitly shows your progress and achievements after you have spent time on important work. For our own app, our idea is to give the audience physical rewards.

Research regarding our logo was carried out on the website where we discovered that simple logos are the most effective. Hence, why we designed our app logo the way we did.

Initially, I designed a logo on, however, we could not find the right symbol that we wanted to represent our app.

At a later date, I created the logo on using shapes, colours and fonts that best suited our app.




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