Photography: Work-in-progess/Post-Production

My partner and I agreed to use the photos I had taken over the holiday. Throughout the post-production process we edited the photos on Photoshop to make them appear as real as possible, to aid our narrative.

With every photo we needed to spot colour it, highlighting the red car. With every photo we needed to spot colour it, highlighting the red car. To do this we used the quick selelction tool to select around the red car, zooming for accuracy. Then we inverted the selection, so that the rest of the photo was selected instead of the red car. By changing the rest of the photo to black and white, the red car remained red; creating the spot colour.


The title of our story is ‘Chase to Reality’. It includes an enigma designed to entice the audience, as they should see the cars as normal and real to begin with. We chose a sans serif font because it is more informal, clear to read, and typically associated with narratives of the action genre. To make it more interesting we manipulated the style we chose. We extended the ascenders and descenders of the ‘H’ ‘T’ and ‘Y’ to create the style of a road, and by adding white lines it looked more authentic. Furthermore, the colour of the font has been spotted from the back of the red car where it is a darker red. To begin with, we took it from the main body, however this was too bright for the text to be read comfortably.

Another aspect of our editing included changing the red levels, brightness and contrast. We experimented with different levels and found the best look for our images.



Increasing the the red levels made the colour of the car brighter, creating a more vivid red that we preferred. It also made the houses on the left side appear darker, making them look more real. By decreasing the brightness and increasing the contrast, the picture has the effect of film noir.

We used these techniques for all of the photographs we took.


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