Photography: Evaluation

My partner and I’s photography project had a steady start due to our location choice for the first photoshoot. We chose path outside Cyprus station for ease, however, there were paving stones and life-size objects in most of the shots. Shooting the toy cars on paving slabs limited the illusion to make them look life-like. Additionally, when attempting to take side view shots, life-size cars parked on the road were clearly visible. This would give the twist of the narrative away before we had even started to tell it. However, our tutor praised us for composition on one of the photos, and we took this on board for the next shoot.

In our second photoshoot, we shot each photo close up, with no real life objects in the frame. Through changing the location of the shoot to a tarmac path on campus we were able to create the illusion that the cars were on a real road. Also, on this day we had much better lighting to work with, meaning we created good composition. Nevertheless, we found that the sequence was not as engaging as we wanted it to be. The close up nature of each shot proved effective, however, it limited location variation.

The final shoot we did had all the elements we needed; the ability to carry out a variety of camera angles and locations to make the toy cars look real. I took the photographs in my loft at home on my dad’s train set; which includes miniature buildings, roads, cars, animals, people, trees and bushes. All of these props made it a lot easier to create the illusion that the cars are real, as I put them up against objects the same size as them. Undeterred by the poor lighting in the loft, I asked my dad to hold up a desk lamp while I took the photographs to create shadows.

In post-production, we had no trouble editing the photographs using spot colour and creating the font we wanted. We decided to extend some of the letter’s ascenders and descenders to create roads, drawing white lines as the road markings. This small adaptation made the title look more exciting, drawing the audience in.

By making the title appear like a road, as well as having both cars in the initial shot, the audience can easily guess what genre the narrative is going to be. Additionally, using the word “chase” in the title describes not only the narrative, but also the genre; action. To conceive this idea we created a mind map surrounding the genre of action with all our ideas and picked the best one. We chose action because it a genre we both enjoy.

The key inspirations of our work were two photographers, Brock Davis and Marcel Christ. Both create photography that brings inanimate objects to life, which is what we attempted to achieve with our project. We took the close up technique from their work.

If I were to do this project again, I would plan the photoshoot more, choosing the location with care and working out what might go wrong and right before we actually do it. Also, in post-production I would take more advantage of Photoshop and use more techniques to make the photos look better.


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