Photography: Work-in-progress

Prior to breaking up for the Christmas break, my partner and I had a second photoshoot with respect to the feedback we received in the last session. We chose a section of pavement whereby it was tarmac, therefore its appearance is very similar to a road. Our objective is for the cars to seem as real as possible. Here are the photos we took, pre-production:

This photo expresses simple shape with the shadows and texture from the tarmac. 
Tone is presented well in this photo, with the sunlight graduating from top to bottom/light to dark. The object in the foreground acts as an enigma.
This photograph exhibits great texture and tone. The audience can now see the cars are racing, however the silver car may be obstructed by the rock. The close up angle shows the rock to look bigger than it was in real life.
There is a choice to be made between this image and the one below. The reasons are that the first photo has better lighting, creating better tone so that the cars look more real and the photo has more effect. Although, the second photo shows more of the blue car which is the main object of the narrative.


Despite the large amount of negative space in this photo, it shows an effect pattern on the tarmac. Using the rule of thirds, the foot is place slightly lower in the frame to create a good composition. 

Overall, I think this set of photos is a great improvement from the first shoot we did. The composition of each photo is much more developed. Furthermore, the location we shot the pictures was better because it is harder to tell whether it is a road or a path. The angle of each shot being close up meant that the cars look more realistic, which is the aim of our project. The final shot has been zoomed out to show the scale of the car against a foot, which reveals to the audience that the cars are in fact toys. If we were to re-shoot these photos again, I would insert a few miniature trees to increase the illusion that the cars are real.


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