Photography: Genre Research

The genre we have chosen for our project is action. To create features of this genre, our set of photographs required an action inspired narrative. The chosen object highlighted our images by spot colour is a prominent aspect of action: a car.

Here is a list of key components for action:
‘Chases’ (Car chases)
Main ‘goal’
‘Obstructions’ that need to be overcome 


Looking at photographers, we became inspired by Brock Davis’ work. He creates photographs of inanimate objects, making them come to life. Here are a few examples of his projects exhibited at Banksy’s Dismaland in 2005.




Gum on the Beach, 2012, photograph


Broccoli House, 2011, photograph


Cake Ramp, 2012, photograph

The majority of the photographs do not feature life-size objects in the background etc, creating the illusion that they are larger. This is a technique we used in our project, the final shot revealing the true nature of the objects as miniature.


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