Photography: Session 4

In my room before our second shoot, I experimented with various angles and took photographs of the cars to prepare for what we will do in the real shoot.


Here are the final shots we chose from the real shoot. Aside from the initial shot, we have decided to re-shoot the rest of the images.

Opening of narrative, good focus and lighting, empty space in foreground for title, 
This image does not work composition wise due to the angle of the shot. The small cars are lost against the large car, and there is a lot of empty space. And the lighting appears dull. Moreover, narrative wise, it is clear that the small cars are toys; which is something we do not want to portray this early in the story.
Again, this image does not work for the narrative because the cars are clearly toys.
The pavement in this shot needs to be changed to a different location, one where the audience do not know where the cars are, or that they are toys. The cigarette should not be seen in full to show what it is, until the end.
We are pleased with this shot composition wise, there is good lighting on the grey car, and the blurring of the blue car is complemented by the clearness of the other. Furthermore, the angle of the shot works well in terms of keeping the audience’s knowledge limited on the fact that they are toys.
We believe that this image does not work well due to the empty space showing how small the cars are. Also the location needs to be changed to a flat tarmac surface.
This image works well for the final shot as it is a medium distance from the car, showing how small it is compared to the foot. However, we will need to re-shoot due to the location change.

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