Photography: Marcel Christ

Marcel Christ is a still life photographer from Amsterdam. The reason I have chosen him is because I find his work exceptional, it is aesthetically and mindfully engaging. He brings life to inanimate objects and freezes explosive moments in time, which is a technique I aspire to develop. I believe this will be incredibly useful in this module, as the theme of our project is object. 

Here are a series of images from his website that I find particularly impressive:marcel_christ_bug






These three images contain inanimate objects, as well as living. There are a myriad of interpretations to be taken from them. I’ll elaborate on a couple that I have noticed. Firstly, the eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick can physically be compared to the insects. The eyeliner is thin and stick-like, like the stick insect. The mascara brush matches the dark, bristles of the caterpillar. And, the way the lipstick moves in and out from its case could represent the similar movement of the snail inside its shell. Therefore, despite the fact the two objects in each image are very different, there are noticeable similarities that connect them; which is predominantly based on shape.
Another interpretation could be, a notion of contrast between the connotations that underly each object. To elaborate, makeup is associated with beauty and glamour. Whereas, insects are commonly seen to be ugly and disgusting.

Technically, these photographs are incredibly sharp regarding the quality of resolution. I believe that this is important in Marcel Christ’s work, as it is essential that the audience can see every detail of the picture, because the theme is ‘still life’. Furthermore, the bright lighting against a plain white background highlights the key features of the objects, bringing them to life even more. For example, the bristles on the caterpillar, which represent the shape of the mascara brush.


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