Sound: Session 3

Today I was given an introduction to the basics of editing sound on Adobe Audition, in which I imported my pre-recorded clips to work with. After that, I was taught how to create audio tracks on Garage Band. All of these new skills will contribute to the development of my project.

In Adobe Audition there are two sections in which you can edit your clips; the mixer and waveform. In the Mixer, I was able to fix the problem with my audio clips – that they were all recorded on the left side. I resolved this by routing the sound through a ‘bus’ to convert it to mono. Now, by playing track 1 and bus A together, all of the sound is projected through both the left and the right speakers. Moreover, in the waveform, it is possible to increase the amplitude of the clips by dragging the ‘dB’ icon up. However, it was not necessary for me to do this, because my clips were of optimum volume already. Nevertheless, I did have to correct a mistake in my clip in the waveform. Using the ‘zooming’ button, I increased the size of the waveform to ensure that I would erase the mistake as precisely as possible. Then, using the razor tool, I selected each end of the mistake and deleted the content in between.

In Garage Band, I experimented with the sound effects on the programme in preparation for production on my project. Firstly, I selected a clip from the beats section called Accelerate Beat.1 as a primary melody. I clicked the loop tool and dragged the corner of the clip to create ‘loops’ so that the beat would continue playing as long as I wanted it to. Furthermore, to create an all new effect on the clip, I changed the tempo with the bpm (beats per minute) from 120 to 60; completely slowing down the sound. If I were to underlay this audio with visual, I would record the bpm of the film and then change the bpm of the audio in Garage Band to the appropriate speed. This creates a synchronisation of both sound and visual, which is a great effect. After this, I inserted and looped a drum beat called Bar Band Basic Drumset 09.1 to layer more sounds. Then, I added a clip to the background called Alpha Matrix Bass.1; which acts as a base melody for the song. As an aspect of narrative, a key element in my final project, I inserted a sound effect called Amusement Park Roller Coaster.1. I isolated this sound for just over two seconds before the main melody starts, acting as an introduction to the song.

Lastly, as preparation for my project, I found some sound effects on Garage Band that I will attempt to record on the TASCAM recorder myself. These sounds are called Bottle Top, Bottle Pour 1, Busy Room 1, City 2, Clothes 1; and they all relate to my story in some way to enhance the listener’s understanding and enjoyment.


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